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Simon Malz

Offenbach am Main is where Alois Senefelder first applied the lithographic printing method to mass produce Mozart’s sheet music for the publisher Johann Anton André. Thus, the Haus der Stadtgeschichte (museum of city history) and the Klingspor Museum, two adjacent institutions, decided to put together a cooperative exhibition showing lithographs from their collections. The former displayed early lithographic prints, while the latter showed prints and artist’s books from the twentieth century.

For this occasion, I put the individual brandings aside and developed a unifying design to visually connect both museums. The typographic language is derived from a time when lithography blossomed and the printed materials were less designed, while also contrasting the massive lithographic limestones with their delicate printed results.

My tasks included designing the invitations, tickets, program, signage, banners, wallpaper, postcards, and a crossword puzzle. Photographing the exhibits for the accompanying catalog was also my duty.