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Simon Malz

A Good Book (link) is a growing collection of such helmed by Bernd Kuchenbeiser, inviting others to submit their favorites. After starting out on Twitter (link), he was looking for someone to help him move the content to its own domain. I jumped at the chance to collaborate with a designer whose work I admired, taking his design and translating it into a mobile friendly website.

After many conversations (which usually started out with an elaborate look at design details and ended with discussions about music, office furniture, or Tarkovsky’s films) and lots of hard work, the site launched in time for the winter holidays. It features great books waiting to be discovered as well as a list view (link) I suggested, which comes in handy if you’re looking for a specific book, author, designer, publisher, or year. The project felt like working on a film set, elevating the director’s vision through one’s specific craft.

Project and design by Bernd Kuchenbeiser.
Additional JavaScript by Markus Tacker.